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Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Tarifa

Spotinfo Tarifa


Tarifa widely known as the capital of winds in Europe. It is praised with words like High wind area, the capital of winds in Europe – a Mekka for surfers…
Tarifa is well prepared for the crowds of surfers. Nowhere else can you find as many shops for surfers as well as schools for surfers and kiters. Tarifa is the most southern point of Europe and has - due to the straits of Gibraltar - winds that are above average.

The winds

and Levante are the names of the winds which are fuel to this region.

Tarifa Winde

The winds

and Levante are the names of the winds which are fuel to this region.

is a mostly gusty wind which comes down to Tarifa. It comes from the east and is accelerated by the straits of Gibraltar. The wind blowing here from 7 to 9 bft is not rare, which is a reason for surfers to choose the alternative spots (Palomes-Getares) before the straits of Gibraltar. If around Tarifa with knots of 40 or 50 nothing is possible, here you can enjoy the moderate Levante without the accelerating process of the straits of Gibraltar. The other way round, if nowhere else surfing is possible in Tarifa are always good winds. Normally the Levante is mostly strong in summer – nevertheless it blew regularly in winter regarding the last years…

Coming from the Atlantic from the west it blows in Tarifa (beach Los Lances) onshore and is because of its strength and permanence popular for wind and kitesurfers. Poniente blows all year long getting stronger in autumn and winter.

Kitesurfing Tarifa

Southern wind

This wind marks the bad weather in Tarifa. It comes onshore from the south from Africa mostly with clouds, rain and waves - mostly in winter.

Temperatures and time for travelling

The heat of the summer is easily to be endured because of the winds. Unfortunately it gets really crowded in the summer and going hand in hand with it the prices rise. At those times it can be really full at the kite and surf areas in Tarifa. Those of you who like the sun and parties are well advised to be right at this spot.

The seasons to be recommended are spring and autumn for a surfing holiday in Tarifa. When it is still or already chilly in Germany here it is nicely warm. Empty beaches and regular winds are then typical for Tarifa. You can kite nearly everywhere at this time of the year.

Tarifa is a secondary spot in winter even though the temperatures are seldom below 15 degrees and the Atlantic seems to be rather warm. This is because in winter there is the Atlantic swell with inward coming high waves, which are not suitable for beginners. At this time of the year the lagoon Rio Jara is filled with shallow water. Airlines offer flights for moderate prices and FEWOS offers accommodation at low cost – thus Tarifa is an alternative spot for November till March.

Popular Levante spots

If there is the Levante you will certainly go to Valdevaqueros or Las Dunas. There are moderate conditions for slalom with short waves, which can be handled by beginners. To the direction of Canos de Mekka the Levante builds up considerable waves with declining wind as the influence of the straits of Gibraltar has no strength any more. If there is in Canos the Atlantic swell this is one of the top spot to be for experts only!
Here are often wave riders as the waves are longer and cleaner than in Tarifa…

If the Levante is too strong there are alternative spots in Palomes and Getares (near the straits of Gibraltar)

Getares Kitesurfen

Palomes near the harbour of Gibraltar, directly opposite of the rock of Gibraltar. You can surf here with the disadvantages of an industrial sight to the harbour… there is often polluted air because of the big chimneys – neither is the quality of the water good. There is mostly shallow water with little waves which break at a sandbank… an alternative for beginners if it is too rough in Tarifa…


You can quickly reach Getares from Tarifa taking the coast road to the direction of Algeciras (15 to 20 minutes). Lying in front of the straits of Gibraltar it is as alternative if the Levante in Tarifa is too rough. The difference to Palomesis that this spot is only for experienced surfers.
Here the waves can become considerable and unpredictable when the Levante comes onshore.
Please watch out for the prohibited zones in summer.

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