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Lake Garda
Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Lake Garda

Spotinfo Lake Garda

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Lake Garda

Your alarm clock rings at 6 a.m. work? No, we are on holidays! Surfers like to get up early when the northern wind (Vento/Peler) starts coming up with the sunset. It takes only a short examining look from the balcony of your SURF-Accomodation to check if the Vento already brings some froth to the shiny water of the Gardasee. So off you go onto the water to enjoy your first rounds before breakfast because round about 9 or 10 a.m. the Vento is over.


Lake Garda

At the Gardasee the thermo defines the daily routine of a surfer. Before after noon the southern wind (Ora) gets going there are lots of nice things you can do at the Gardasee.

The unique setting in the southern part of the Alps of Tirol gives you a fantastic experience of the nature. The mild climate, possible winds, the surfing lifestyle and the Italian food are only a few arguments in favour of a holiday at the Gardasee.

 Kitesurfing Gardasee

Lake Garda

Popular Ora spots:
Hotel Pier

The best Vento spot:

Lake Garda

The south wind

This is a thermal wind which blows from the south across the Gardasee. At its best this is a thermal without atmospheric disturbances. If the weather is calm – which means there is high pressure over Italy respectively the Mediterranean area – this thermal can develop which especially in the months of summer causes high winds.
The mountains directly to the Gardasee warm up during the day and a decline of air pressure comes up the Ora which mostly starts in after 2 pm. The ora blows with varying strength however up to sunset mostly with 3-5 bft. - depending on the area. The narrowness between the mountains in the north supports this thermal with an accelerating effect.

The north wind (Called Vento or Peler)

In the early hours of the morning there is the Vento coming from the north. At night the mountains cool down which diverts the direction of the wind and the Vento develops.
From sunrise onward blows the strong vento (it can reach 7 bft) for a few hours only and can cease between 9 and 10 am.

The best winds are in the summer. Nevertheless from May to September the winds are not bad.


Lake Garda

Otherwise you can look at the rules for kiting and surfing on the water. (kiting is forbidden in the northern parts of the Gardasee)
Narrow beaches and rocky shores make it difficult for kiters, especially beginners. Some start from a boat – there are shuttle services on the lake.

When to travel:

The best time for Ora is unmistakably summer. The Ora works out at its best when it is really hot. Unfortunately then it is unbearably crowded at the narrow beaches of the Gardasee.




The Gardasee is just as well a paradise for bikers. If you have for example the Elmar Moser Guide you can do wonderful tours and organize yourself. Something a biker must do is the trip up to the Monte Baldo where there is cable railway and the famous Tremalzo tour.
Even if you are not that well trained you can take the bike shuttle to Trealzo and enjoy the route with breathtaking sights across the Gardasee.
In the north of the Gardasee they are well prepared for adventurous tourists and those who seek the nature. There are offers for outdoor activities just like biking and climbing or canoeing.



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